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Gauss- and Teslameters can measure both DC and AC magnetic fields, and control DC fields. To do so the Gaussmeters need a suitable hall probe. The offered systems are single-axis and multi-axis systems, ideally suited for both industrial and scientific research applications. The teslameters come as handheld and benchtop units.

  • Multi-axis and single-axis detection
  • 1 mG to 350 kG magnetic field range
  • USB, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, RS-232 and GPIB connectivity

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DescriptionMulti-axis/single-axis benchtopSingle-axis benchtopSingle-axis benchtopSingle-axis benchtopSingle-axis handheld
Probe typeMost versatile for vector or single-axis measurementsSingle-axis measurementsSingle-axis measurementsSingle-axis measurementsPortable single-axis measurements
Field ranges (G)1 mG to 350 kG1 mG to 350 kG1 mG to 350 kG1 mG to 350 kG0.3 G to 20 kG
Frequency ranges (Hz)DC to 50 kHzDC to 50 kHzDC to 20 kHzDC to 10 kHzDC to 10 kHz
Accuracy at 1 kG1.3 G1.3 G3.6 G14 G22 G
AC filteringAdvancedAdvancedAdvancedBasic
Field controlOptionOption
Alarm thresholds
Pulse management
Analog out
DriversLabVIEW™, IVI.NET, PythonLabVIEW™, IVI.NET, PythonLabVIEW™LabVIEW™None
Screen5 in touchscreen5 in touchscreen2-line LCD2-line LCD1-line LCD
ConnectivityUSB, Wi-Fi, EthernetUSB, Wi-Fi, EthernetRS-232, GPIBUSBNone
Suggested applications
Permanent magnet quality control
Magnet sorting
Electromagnet field controlBestBest
AC field measurementBestBest
Scientific research/systems
Fringe field and safety


F71/F41 teslameters

  • no need to re-zero probes
  • Highly configurable probes
  • Multiple software driver options

Model 475 DSP Gaussmeter

  • DC measurement resolution to 0.02 mG
  • Basic DC accuracy of ±0.05%
  • 15 band-pass and 3 low-pass AC filters
  • Peak capture to 20 µs pulse widths
  • Integrated electromagnet field control algorithm
  • Specialized and custom probes available

Model 425 Gaussmeter

  • DC to 10 kHz AC frequency
  • USB interface
  • Sort function (displays pass/fail message)
  • Alarm with relay
  • Standard and custom probes available

Model 410 Hand-held Gaussmeter

  • Ranges (Autoranging): ±200 G, ±2 kG, and ±20 kG ranges
  • Frequency response: DC and 20 Hz to 10 kHz
  • Resolution to 3½ digits (1 part out of ±2000)
  • Accuracy: ±2% of reading
  • Handheld


Teslameters and hall probes
Teslameters and hall probes
475 DSP Gaussmeter
475 DSP Gaussmeter
425 Gaussmeter
425 Gaussmeter
410 Gaussmeter
410 Gaussmeter


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