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Optical coherence tomography system

Cell³iMager Estier from SCREEN

Cell3iMager Estier is a benchtop, optical coherence tomography (OCT) instrument for label-free, non-invasive and real-time cross sectional (2D) and volumetric (3D) images of biological samples. The system uses NIR coherent light source enabling micrometer spatial resolution and large penetration depth (up to 1 mm). Specifically designed for true 3D imaging of Spheroids and Organoids as well as internal cavities and gaps in large tissues.

  • Non-invasive tomographic imaging of 3D cell cultures and tissues
  • High-throughput and high-resolution true 3D imaging
  • Quantification of size, volume, internal cavities (1mm thickness)
  • Compatibility with any standard cell cultureware
  • User-friendly analysis software

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True 3D high-resolution imaging

  • High-resolution (3 μm) and low-resolution (10 μm) imaging with accurate focus options
  • A 300 μm3 3D image can be acquired in 1 minute
  • True 3D imaging of spheroids and organoids
  • Non-invasive detection of internal cavities and gaps in tissues (up to 1 mm thick)

Easy operation

  • User-friendly workflow
  • No special training required

User-friendly analysis software

  • Dedicated software facilitates fast 3D data acquisition and image reconstruction
  • Simple and straightforward user interface that require no extensive operational training or expertise

System compatibility

  • Compatible with any standard cell cultureware such as micro well plates, petri dishes etc…
  • 100% automation compatible
  • No special labware or reagents are required


Drug discovery
Tumor spheroids
Growth & morphological profiling of 3D spheroids
Time-dependent drug sensitivity test
Quantification of internal cavities and tubular structures
Large tissue imaging


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Dr. Raimund Sauter
Dr. Raimund Sauter

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