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Edge filters

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Often referred to as long wave pass (LWP) and short wave pass (SWP) filters, edge filters provide a well-defined transition between reflecting and transmitting regions. Essentially a modified quarter-wave stack, the filters use interference effects rather than absorption to isolate their spectral bands. Because edge filters will shift shorter with an increase in the angle of incidence, they are a good choice for fine-tuning the cut-on/cut-off wavelength. With their durable, first-surface dielectric coatings, Andover’s edge filters are built to withstand the normal cleaning and handling required by any high-quality optical component.

  • Useful for redirecting a particular band of light
  • Provide steeper transition than color glass filters
  • Offer coverage over the 400–1000 nm range


General Specifications
Thickness4.0 mm maximum
Size Tolerance+0.0/-0.5 mm
Min. Clear Aperture85% of outside dimension
Substrate MaterialGlass (Note: BK-7 or Borofloat available as an Option for higher Tx)
Flatness3-5 waves per 25 mm
Surface Quality80/50 per MIL-C-48497A
Humidity and AbrasionPer MIL-C-675A
Operating Temperature-50 °C to +100 °C
Cut-on/cut-off Slopes6% Maximum (10% for 300 nm filter)
Cut-on/cut-off Tolerance±10 nm from 400-1000 nm
± 5 nm from 300-375 nm
Optional: Mounted in threaded ring - contact our expert on the right for thread sizes
Long Wave Pass85% average from the 50% cut-on point to 2000 nm
Short Wave Pass85% average from the 50% cut-off point to 0.6 x the 50% cut-off point
Note: With the exception of the 400 nm filter, all SWP filters will drop off in transmission at wavelengths under 425 nm.
Long Wave Pass99% or greater from 0.9 x the 50% point to the ultraviolet
Short Wave Pass99% or greater from 1.07 x the 50% point to 1.25 x the 50% point
Effective Index of Refraction (n*)1.7 (approximately)

50% PointSize, Shape & Part Number
12.5 mm Ø25 mm Ø50 mm Ø50 mm SQ
300 nm300FH90-12.5300FH90-25300FH90-50300FH90-50S
325 nm325FH90-12.5325FH90-25325FH90-50325FH90-50S
350 nm350FH90-12.5350FH90-25350FH90-50350FH90-50S
375 nm375FH90-12.5375FH90-25375FH90-50375FH90-50S
400 nm400FH90-12.5400FH90-25400FH90-50400FH90-50S
450 nm450FH90-12.5450FH90-25450FH90-50450FH90-50S
500 nm500FH90-12.5500FH90-25500FH90-50500FH90-50S
550 nm550FH90-12.5550FH90-25550FH90-50550FH90-50S
600 nm600FH90-12.5600FH90-25600FH90-50600FH90-50S
650 nm650FH90-12.5650FH90-25650FH90-50650FH90-50S
700 nm700FH90-12.5700FH90-25700FH90-50700FH90-50S
Near Infrared
50% PointSize, Shape & Part Number
12.5 mm Ø25 mm Ø50 mm Ø50 mm SQ
750 nm750FH90-12.5750FH90-25750FH90-50750FH90-50S
800 nm800FH90-12.5800FH90-25800FH90-50800FH90-50S
850 nm850FH90-12.5850FH90-25850FH90-50850FH90-50S
900 nm900FH90-12.5900FH90-25900FH90-50900FH90-50S
950 nm950FH90-12.5950FH90-25950FH90-50950FH90-50S
1000 nm100FH90-12.5100FH90-25100FH90-50100FH90-50S


50% PointSize, Shape & Part Number
12.5 mm Ø25 mm Ø50 mm Ø50 mm SQ
400 nm400FL07-12.5400FL07-25400FL07-50400FL07-50S
450 nm450FL07-12.5450FL07-25450FL07-50450FL07-50S
500 nm500FL07-12.5500FL07-25500FL07-50500FL07-50S
550 nm550FL07-12.5550FL07-25550FL07-50550FL07-50S
600 nm600FL07-12.5600FL07-25600FL07-50600FL07-50S
650 nm650FL07-12.5650FL07-25650FL07-50650FL07-50S
700 nm700FL07-12.5700FL07-25700FL07-50700FL07-50S
Near Infrared
50% PointSize, Shape & Part Number
12.5 mm Ø25 mm Ø50 mm Ø50 mm SQ
750 nm750FL07-12.5750FL07-25750FL07-50750FL07-50S
800 nm800FL07-12.5800FL07-25800FL07-50800FL07-50S
850 nm850FL07-12.5850FL07-25850FL07-50850FL07-50S
900 nm900FL07-12.5900FL07-25900FL07-50900FL07-50S
950 nm950FL07-12.5950FL07-25950FL07-50950FL07-50S
1000 nm100FL07-12.5100FL07-25100FL07-50100FL07-50S


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