Zubehör für Magnetometer

Zubehör für Magnetometer - Gaussmeters and Teslameters
Gaussmeters and Teslameters

Gauss- and Teslameters can measure both DC and AC magnetic fields, and control DC fields. To do so the Gaussmeters need a suitable hall probe. The offered systems are single-axis and multi-axis ...

Zubehör für Magnetometer - Hall Probes
Hall Probes

Axial, transverse, multi-axis, gamma, and tangential Hall probes are offered for the measurement of magnetic flux density. You can choose from a wide range of lengths and thicknesses. There are also ...

Zubehör für Magnetometer - Hall (Magnetic) Sensors
Hall (Magnetic) Sensors

Hall effect sensors are measuring or detecting magnetic fields electronically. They are providing an output voltage proportional to the magnetic flux density. This device relies on the Hall effect. ...

Zubehör für Magnetometer - Fluxmeter

The Fluxmeter Model 480 is an advanced tool designed primarily for use in industrial and measurement systems settings. It measures the total flux from which B, flux density, and/or H, magnetic field ...

Zubehör für Magnetometer - Helmholtz and Search Coils
Helmholtz and Search Coils

Standard field helmholtz coils, magnet moment measurement helmholtz coils, and hand-held search coils.

Zubehör für Magnetometer - MeasureLINK software
MeasureLINK software

MeasureLINK is a software that coordinates and automates characterization systems. To do so it executes sequences of user-defined experimental steps which can include setting field and temperature ...

Zubehör für Magnetometer - M91 FastHall Measurement Controller
M91 FastHall Measurement Controller

The MeasureReady M91 is a all‑in-one Hall analysis instrument. It features Lake Shore’s new FastHall measurement technique. The M91 eliminates the need to switch the polarity of the applied magnetic ...

Zubehör für Magnetometer - Stromversorgung für Supraleitende Magnete
Stromversorgung für Supraleitende Magnete

Das Model 625 ist die ideale Stromversorgung für kleine und mittlere Magnete. Der begrenzte Ausgangsstrom erlaubt höchste Präzision bei minimalem Rauschen wie man sie bei high-End Anwendungen in ...


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