Introducing: Dr. Sebastian Schaile

For about a year now, I have been working as physicist for the Quantum Design European Service Center at LOT-QuantumDesign in Darmstadt. My aim is to help customers with technical problems, provide application solutions and to always make the most of the Quantum Design systems. I work on both the PPMS and MPMS series with the main focus on MPMS3 magnetometers.

Before I joined the QuantumDesign team I received my PhD from the University of Augsburg on “Orbital ordering and charge ordering in manganites”. Using a modified oven for electron spin resonance (ESR), I obtained information on the high-temperature behavior of the order in various manganites. One basis for the interpretation of the ESR measurement data was the susceptibility of LaMnO3, measured with an MPMS3 oven from Quantum Design. The high precision of data beyond 800 K revealed effects that had formerly been hidden by measurement inaccuracies.

Besides working for LOT-QuantumDesign, I enjoy sports and exercise. The area around Darmstadt is perfect for outdoor activities. A mountain bike tour in the evening to the Frankenstein castle or into the Odenwald forest have outshone many an alpine tour. When I don’t ride my bike, I enjoy rock climbing in the Schriesheim quarry near Heidelberg. But Darmstadt and surroundings are also highly recommendable when sport activities are not the main concern. Between Darmstadt’s art nouveau Artists’ Colony and the mountain stretch Bergstrasse, which is justly called “Germany’s Tuscany”, I have soon come to feel at home.



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