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AC Susceptometer

DynoMag from Rise Acreo

AC susceptometry measurement provides information on how fast magnetization is building up in a material. For example, magnetic nanoparticles suspended in a liquid subjected to an alternating magnetic field can show Néel and Brownian relaxation. In case of larger poly-domain material particles, domain-wall motion can be studied. The sum of these effects influences the frequency dependent AC susceptibility of the sample.

  • Easy to use AC susceptometer
  • Suitable for solids, powders and liquids
  • Large frequency range
  • Has been developed in cooperation with sciensts
  • System includes analysis package

Further information

The DynoMag has been developed by our partner the Acreo Swedish ICT. It is an affordable, easy to use and portable AC susceptometer and is an analytical tool for magnetic nanoparticle or magnetic material. The AC susceptibility for magnetic nanoparticles is not only influenced by the material itself, it is also affected by particle size, size distribution, molecules on the nanoparticle surface etc. The sum of these effects influences the frequency dependent AC susceptibility of the sample.


Frequency interval 1 Hz - 500 kHz
Excitation field 0.5 mT
Volume susceptibility resolution  1 x 10-5


Dynamic magnetic analysis for magnetic nanoparticles
Determination of size distribution for magnetic nanopartciles
Time-dependenace of binding reactions of biomolecules to magnetic nanoparticles
Studies of particle clustering
Magnetic soil properties in geophysics


DynoMag AC susceptometer


Dr. Marc Kunzmann
Dr. Marc Kunzmann

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