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Pelco Biowave Pro from Ted Pella

Ted Pella is the leading manufacturer of laboratory microwaves for tissue preparation in electron microscopy, histology and pathology. BioWave works with continuously generated microwaves, thus allowing complete control of the temperature rise. Reproducibility is ensured by programming (time, temperature, power) and an effective microwave distribution system.

  • Continuous power output 100 - 750 W
  • Rapid diffusion without overheating artifacts
  • Application kits for efficient sample preparation
  • Patented PELCO ColdSpot Pro technology
  • Sample temperature control with real-time output

Further information

PELCO BioWave Pro’s brand-new method to prepare tissue for electron microscopy, histology and pathology is not only easy-to-use, but also much faster than conventional tissue preparation techniques.

Note: BioWave Pro may only be ordered in combination with an application kit.

Application kits:

Electron microscopy tissue processing kit

Kit includes: PELCO ColdSpot Pro, PELCO EM Pro vacuum chamber, capsule prep station, microwave polymerization system, PELCO Prep-Eze and PELCO microwave micro centrifuge tubes PTFE holder

Immunolabeling Kit

Kit includes: PELCO ColdSpot Pro, PELCO EM Pro vacuum chamber, PELCO Prep-Eze, rectangular well plate inserts and Sequenza slide rack and cover plate assemblies

Formaldehyde fixation and EDTA decalcification kit

Kit includes: DFR insert and cassette, holder, microwave tissue jars and PELCO SteadyTemp
Pro digital thermoelectric recirculating chiller

Paraffin tissue processing kit

Kit includes: PELCO ColdSpot Plus, PELCO TissueVac histology vacuum accessory, PELCO HistoWave cassette system and paraffin heating tile


Lab microwave specification
Microwave power rangeContinuous power settings from 100-750 Watts
Microwave frequency2.45 GHz
Microwave power controlProgrammable controller with 10 modifiable presets
Function control6" touch screen user interface
Temperature control±1 °C for most aqueous solutions
Cooling internalIntegrated ambient water cooling system
Cooling external (optional)PELCO SteadyTemp: 450 W chilled cooling system
Magnetic stirrerIntegrated, 0 – 300 rpm speed
Exhaust110 cfm capacity
VentingAutomatic when door is opened
Vacuum system20" Hg, 3 selectable modes
Air bubblerUp to 0.8 ltr/min, with 2.5" column of water pressure
Protocol managementProtocols can be stored, using a total of 200 steps
Dimensions55.3 W x 51.4 D x 54.6 H cm
Weight37.7 kg
Power required10A  / 230 VAC


Pelco Biowave Pro
Pelco Biowave Pro


Anne Kast
Anne Kast
Dr. Andreas Bergner
Dr. Andreas Bergner

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