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Solar simulators

From LOT-QuantumDesign
Solar simulators provide a broadband spectrum close to that of the sun from the UV to the IR. The main part of the solar simulator is a xenon arc lamp that reaches a color temperature of approximately 6000 K which is very close to sun light. We provide solar simulators with a wide range of illumination fields for different sample sizes and budgets, varying in size from 25 mm dia. to 260 mm x 260 mm square. The irradiance (typ. 1000 W/m² for AM 1,5G) does not depend on the size of the desired output beam or the electrical power of the lamp of the solar simulator. Also the spectral characteristic (e.g. AM 1,5G) always remains the same.

Further information

Class AAA or ABA? According to the American ASTM E927-5 and European ICE 60904-9 norm, solar simulators are tested for 3 different criteria and classified for each criterion into class A, B, or C. This results in a classification of the complete solar simulator, for example AAA or ABA. The criteria being tested are spectral match, non-uniformity and temporal stability of the light. The main application of our solar simulator systems is the evaluation of power parameters of solar cells. For this type of measurements, the solar simulator is integrated into an IV measuring station. For setting the correct irradiance value we offer calibrated reference cells. Further applications are the determination of plant growth, characterization of transparent components like sun protection glasses or the development of skin care products.

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