Our partnerCordin Scientific Imaging

Ultra high-speed image converter stream camera systems

from Cordin

Cordin image converter streak cameras relay a slit image to the photocathode of an image converter tube, where the incident photons are converted to electrons. This linear array of electrons is then electrostatically focused and swept across a phosphor screen at the back of the tube, capturing light transients faster than any other method.

  • Best temporal resolution
  • Very low noise
  • Wide photocathode
  • High spatial resolution
  • 4 Megapixel

Further information

An SDK package is available for download upon purchase. Some features built in the camera are extraordinary, e.g. the multi slope integration, an easy method to increase the dynamic of the sensor drastically and to reduce saturation.


Time resolved spectroscopy
Ballistic and projectile studies
Impact dynamics
Plasma physics
Laser physics


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