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AttoMap™ - µXRF analytical microscope


The AttoMap™ x-ray analytical microscope offers the highest resolution and the highest sensitivity one can find in a laboratory based microXRF system. The AttoMap™ system can be used for transmission-based x-ray structural analysis as well as for fluorescence chemical mapping. The system has a chemical sensitivity of <1-10 ppm for trace element analysis and the measuring time is within 1 second.

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The key advantages of the AttoMap™ system compared to standard µXRF systems are three major innovations developed by Sigray.

  1. The patented FAAST™ x-ray source with 50X higher brightness than microfocus sources used in standard microXRFs
  2. Proprietary, high efficiency x-ray mirror lens that provides a combination of small achromatic focus and large working distance for superior detection sensitivity and accuracy
  3. Unique detector geometry enabled by the design of the x-ray mirror lens that collects 10X more fluorescence x-rays than conventional designs.

These innovations provide the AttoMap™ with the ultimate laboratory microXRF performance:

  • Substantially higher resolution at single digit microns-scale (e.g. 3-5 µm MTF) resolution versus conventional microXRF
    • Detectability of nanoparticles down to 50-100 nm
  • Dramatically faster analytical speed of a single minute - rather than a half day - for equivalent measurements on an AttoMap™ versus a conventional microXRF with up to 500X higher throughput
  • Sub-ppm and sub-femtogram sensitivity in seconds
    • >100X the sensitivity of standard microXRF
    • Only microXRF that can map trace elements (conventional microXRF is capable of mapping only major constituents at reasonable throughputs, as it requires long spot acquisition times for trace elements)
  • Most accurate quantification capabilities and optional dual energy source for maximum flexibility
  • Ability to analyze buried microfeatures


Spot SizeHigh Res (<8 µm) | Med Res additional optics also available
SensitivitySub-ppm relative detection sensitivity and capable of mapping trace elements. Picogram to femtogram absolute sensitvity (element & acquisition time dependent)
Additional Capabilities & Modules2D correlative x-ray imaging at <1 µm resolution included (standard)
Optical microscopy included (standard)
Future modules will be available as upgrades
Footprint54” W x 65.5” H x 38.5” D
Maximum Sample Size50 cm x 50 cm | 15 cm thickness
SourceSigray FAAST™ Microstructured Source
Target MaterialDual Energy Option, includes selection from: Ti, Cu, Rh, W, Pt, Zr, etc. Custom target options include materials that have previously not been used in conventional sources.
Power | Voltage | Current50 W | 20-50 kV | 4 mA
X-ray OpticSigray Twin Paraboloidal X-ray Mirror Lens
Transmission Efficiency~80%
Working Distance10 - 50 mm (customizable)
Interior CoatingPlatinum (increases NA of optic significantly)
X-ray DetectorsTwo SDD detectors and an X-ray Camera
Energy Resolution<135 eV at Mn-Ka


AttoMap™ - x-ray analytical microscope
AttoMap™ - x-ray analytical microscope
Analysis of trace element distribution in plant specimens AppNote
Analysis of trace element distribution in plant specimens AppNote
Quantifying tempered glass layer compositions AppNote
Quantifying tempered glass layer compositions AppNote
X-ray optics brochure
X-ray optics brochure
FAAST™ x-ray source brochure
FAAST™ x-ray source brochure


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