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The ILT350 Spectroradiometer is a low cost, easy-to-use lux and color measurement spectroradiometer with NIST-traceable and ISO 17025-accredited calibration. The device comes with a built-in 12mm-diameter cosine-correcting receptor and a magnetic protective cover. ILT350 has three measurement speeds: fast (0.5 s), slow (2.5 s), and auto (0.5 – 27 s), depending on light intensities. Data is provided in 1 nm increments. Spectral bandwidth is approx. 2.5 nm (half bandwidth) with ±0.3 nm wavelength accuracy. The internal memory can store up to 100 files and export data into both Excel and Word formats.Features
  • 3.5" full color display
  • NIST-traceable ISO 17025-accredited calibration
  • Range: 380-780 nm
  • 12 mm diam. Cosine-corrected receptor
  • Illuminance: 20 - 100,000 lux
  • Irradiance: 0,1 W/m² - 500 W/m²
  • Photosynthetically Active Photon Flux Density( PPFD ): 0,3 - 1500 µmol/m² *s


Sony CCD linear image detector with 16 bit A/D
Range380-780 nm
Illuminance20-100,000 lux
Irradiance0,1 W/m² -  500 W/m²
Photosynthetically Active Photon Flux Density( PPFD )0,3 - 1500 µmol/m² *s
USB½ second
Input optic12 mm diameter cosine receptor
Temperature0-40 °C
Size160 x 75 x 43 mm
Weight260 g
CE certifiedNo RF noise


Light box calibration – lamp quality and maintenance ILT350 is perfectly suited for testing numerous types of light booths and color viewing lamps, including D75/D65/D50, fluorescent, halogen, TL84/83, SPX35, and others. Many standards state specifications with regard to color quality, light intensity, evenness of illumination, and ambient conditions as differences in any of these conditions can affect color appearance. ILT350 can be used for testing lamp quality (CCT, CRI, lux, purity, spectrum etc.) and ambient levels, and to determine when light booths need cleaning and/or lamp replacement.
LED billboard construction, maintenance & environmental impact Thanks to its portability, single-button operation and built-in display, ILT350 is the ideal tool for testing LED uniformity, color and intensity during the installation and maintenance of LED billboards, and for testing the total output and color temperature in regard to their environmental impact.
Simple reporting The ILT350 Luxmeter Manager software makes viewing measurements, exporting and sharing electronic data and creating reports
Architectural lighting & design Light can be used to create a feeling of warmth and invitation. It can make colors look bold and make them pop. On the other hand, the incorrect color of light can have damaging effects such as making foods look old, or labels look faded. Checking the color of light based on the unique application can thus be very important. With ILT350, for example, a restaurant’s lighting can be adjusted to make the food look as tasty as it actually is.


ILT350 brochure
ILT350 brochure


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