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MPMS3 SQUID magnetometer

from Quantum Design

The MPMS3 (formerly MPMS SQUID VSM) is providing users with the sensitivity of a SQUID (Superconducting Quantum Interference Device) and the choice of multiple measurement modes. 

  • Magnetometer with highest sensitivity
  • User-friendly operation
  • Sophisticated temperature and magnetic field control
  • Our fastest SQUID magnetometer ever


  • ≤10-8 emu sensitivity at low fields with less than 10 s averaging 
  • Temperature Range: 1.8 - 400 K
  • 7 Tesla Magnet


DC magnetic moment The DC scan mode is for fast and sensitive measurements of the magnetic moment.
VSM The VSM mode is for very fast and sensitive measurements. It provides the highest number of data points per time unit and thus is perfect for M(H,T) measurements.
AC susceptibility The AC susceptibilitay option can be very helpful for materials with a dissipative mechanism when exposed to an oscillating magnetic field. The susceptibility is descrobed as having real and imaginary components.
Ultra low field capabilities Fiber-optic sample holder


MPMS3 brochure
MPMS3 brochure
iQuantum Helium3 for MPMS3
iQuantum Helium3 for MPMS3
Xenon light source for MPMS3 with FOSH specification
Xenon light source for MPMS3 with FOSH specification
High pressure tools brochure
High pressure tools brochure

Reference customers

"We have been using the MPMS3 since the end of 2014 for measurements on hard magnets and metallic and oxide heterostructures. We specifically appreciate its high sensitivity combined with fast VSM measurements that allow First Order Reversal Curve (FORC) analyses in very short periods of time. The Oven option is particularly important to us for the determination of paramagnetic moments, high-temperature coercive fields and Curie temperatures."

- PD Dr. Eberhard Goering, MPI für Intelligente Systeme, Stuttgart


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