High-throughput cellular imagers

Cell3iMager systems developed by SCREEN are 2D and 3D cell culture scanners are able to perform high-speed measurement and analysis of the multiplication and morphological changes in cells without using any test reagent. The devices use proprietary image processing technologies that allow faster image capture, measurement and data analysis, and are compatible with all major 2d and 3D cell culture platforms.

High-throughput cellular imagers - Optical coherence tomography system
Optical coherence tomography system

Cell3iMager Estier is a benchtop, optical coherence tomography (OCT) instrument for label-free, non-invasive and real-time cross sectional (2D) and volumetric (3D) images of biological samples. The ...

High-throughput cellular imagers - High-throughput bright-field scanner
High-throughput bright-field scanner

SCREEN Cell3iMagers are bright field scanners designed specifically to simplify and accelerate quantitative and qualitative measurement of 3D spheroids. This unique LED-based imaging system allows the ...

High-throughput cellular imagers - High-throughput bright field and fluorescence scanner
High-throughput bright field and fluorescence scanner

Cell3iMagers Duos is a benchtop imager capable of high-throughput, whole-well imaging at high-resolution, and provides both bright-field and fluorescence imaging options. It can be used as a valuable ...


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