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Airlock with coldstage

Cryo transfer system PP3006 CoolLok from Quorum Technologies

CoolLok PP3006 is a combination of a sample port and cold stage/cold trap. The system offers fast specimen launch into an REM and sample cooling down to -190 °C (± 0.5 °C). At normal operating temperatures the specimen can be cooled up to 24 hours without refilling the dewar.

  • Sample cooling to -190 °C (± 0.5 °C)
  • Continuous cooling up to 24 hours without refilling
  • Independent cooling of the cold stage and cold trap
  • Fast sample exchange
  • Vacuum and inert gas transfer

Further information

CoolLok is the combination of the PP3004 Quicklok system and the PP3005 SEMCool. It is a successful symbiosis of a vacuum/inert gas transfer lock and cooling option (sample stage/trap). After specimen preparation (for example in a glove box), it can be transferred into an SEM and cooled without any contact to air and moisture. Mounted on a suitable vacuum chamber flange, CoolLok includes a lock with built-in controls for pumps, ventilation and transfer and a custom interface for the pump and cooling system connections. Inside the SEM are an independently operating cold stage and cold trap. Both cold trap and cooling table can be operated at temperatures down to -190 °C with a temperature stability of less than 0.5 °C). The cold stage’s special design and a great variety of specimen sample holders provide a quick exchange of the specimens. At normal operating temperatures, it is possible to work up to 24 hours without refilling the dewar. Both the cold stage and trap are cooled with gas from a 21-liter dewar with heat exchanger that is located outside the vacuum chamber.


PP3006 CoolLok: airlock and cooling system

Airlock assembly:

  • Pump, vent and transfer control buttons
  • Gate valve and fittings to the pumping system
  • Customized interface flange to the microscope vacuum chamber
  • SEM dovetail stage to accept the specimen holder
  • LED chamber light (interlocked)
  • Specimen transfer device for vacuum or inert gas transfer

Coldstage assembly:

  • Nitrogen, gas-cooled stage with heater and sensor and cold trap with temperature sensor
  • Precise temperature control with a range down to -190 °C
  • 21-liter liquid nitrogen dewar with trolley, heat exchanger
  • Temperature and nitrogen gas flow controller mounted on the dewar trolley

Specimen holders:

  • 3 x specimen shuttle (to hold 10 mm Ø cryo stubs)
  • 1 x blank specimen shuttle
  • 1 x specimen shuttle with holding clips
  • 10 x blank 10 mm Ø stubs
  • 5 x multi-purpose specimen stubs

Note: other optional holders are available. Specimen mounting compounds (colloidal graphite and Tissue-Tek), interlock cable and pump fittings.


The PP3006 CoolLok requires either a rotary pump or an oil-free, high vacuum turbomolecular pumping station (recommended).

Options and accessories

  • Rapid cooling station consisting of a floor-mounted trolley, liquid nitrogen freezing chamber mounted into the work surface which interfaces to the cryo transfer device, connections to vacuum pump (order separately).
  • Pressurised (60 L) liquid nitrogen dewar. Boil-off nitrogen gas is used to cooling the stage and cold trap.
  • Sircal in-line gas dryer. Helps to reduce the water content of the nitrogen gas supply, if an external gas source is used.

The range of specimen holders available with the PP3010T can be used.


PP3006 CoolLok cryo transfer system
PP3006 CoolLok cryo transfer system


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