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In situ tensile stage CT5000 5KN for µXCT applications

from Deben

In-situ testing stages from Deben are very useful tools to enhance the capabilities of µCT-systems with respect to 4D-experiements. Samples can be analyzed under certain loads or different temperature conditions without the drawback to remove the samples out of the CT-system.

  • Weight < 5 kg
  • Compatible with µCT-systems
  • Modular tensile & compression testing system
  • Possibility to customized tensile jaws and compression platens

Further information

The CT5000 in-situ tensile stage is compatible with most of the CT-systems on the market (e.g. Zeiss, Nikon, GE). The comprehensive MICROTEST control software is used for a wide range of control functions. All in-situ test stages will be supplied with the required cabling and mounting adaptors for the specific CT-system.

We offer three versions of the CT5000:

  • CT5000RT, operates at room temperature
  • CT5000TEC, Peltier heated & cooled jaws with temperature range from -20 °C to +160 °C
  • CT5000H250, heated jaws with temperature range from room temperature to +250 °C
  • CT5000RT can be ordered as TEC or H250 "ready" for future upgrade


CT5000 general specification:

  • Modular tensile & compression testing system to be installed within a µXCT system
  • Tensile jaws and compression platens, (can be customised to customer specifications)
  • Mounting plate for fitting onto existing rotary table, with slot for cable exit through centre or side
  • Precision slides & leadscrew
  • Maximum load reading resolution, 1000:1 dynamic, 2000:1 static (of full scale range)
  • MICROTEST drive electronics and Windows™ software providing comprehensive USB2 control of the tensile stage
  • A PC is required to drive this system: minimum specification Dual core 2 Ghz with Windows™ XP/7.0/8.0 Professional, 2 Gb RAM, CD ROM and one free USB2 port
  • Operating voltage 230 V/115 V
  • Simple specimen exchange mechanism with vitreous glassy carbon support tube, 3.0mm wall thickness (6.0 mm in beam path)
  • Maximum extension 10 mm (stroke can be set depending on customer requirements, default is (10-20 mm tensile), (15-5 mm compression) with compression platens fitted
  • Fixed loadcell with accuracy, 1% of full scale range, choice of 500 N, 1 KN, 3 KN, 5 KN
  • 10 mm linear extensometer for position readout, resolution 300 nm, linearity 0.1% of full scale
  • Fast gearbox with speed range 0.1 mm/min to 1.0 mm/min (Fast speed option available)
  • Optical encoder fitted to motor giving speed control accuracy better than 5%
  • Size: 117 mm diameter, 285 mm to bottom of tube, tube length to suit X-Ray source
  • Stage weight: ~ 4.0 kg (RT), < 5 kg (TEC or H250)

CT5000 options:

  • CT5000TEC, Peltier heated & cooled jaws with temperature range from -20 °C to +160 °C
  • CT5000H250, heated jaws with temperature range from room temperature to +250 °C
  • Exchangeable loadcell kit to allow user the ability to change loadcells
  • 3 & 4 point bending clamps
  • Liquid crucible to allow in-liquid compression testing
  • Custom jaws and specimen mounts for large or small specimens


Using CT5000 application note
Using CT5000 application note
In-situ testing stages for XRM/μXCT
In-situ testing stages for XRM/μXCT


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