Contact angle meters
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Contact angle meters

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Contact angles, interfacial tension as well as surface tension and energy are valuable parameters in a variety of industries like pharmacy, semiconductors, cosmetics, food, printing and in the production of adhesives.
We provide optical contact angle meters for the drop shape analysis of almost all applications and budgets: The entry-level system Theta Lite, the modular contact angle system Theta with a great variety of options including full automation.

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Theta Lite Extended is a compact optical goniometer. It allows measuring contact angles with the sessile drop method and surface and interfacial tension with the pendant and raised drop methods. Its simple and intuitive operation make Theta Lite Extended the ideal tool for routine industrial and research applications and applications in quality control and science. Theta is a powerful, modular, optical goniometer. The great variety of accessories and options allow dozens of different configurations for all types of applications.


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Kontaktwinkelmeter Spezifikation


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