1.7 K optical cryostat

Cryostation xp100 - crossover premium series from Montana Instruments

Our low-vibration optical cryostat combines simple and fully automated cooling of the sample to 1.7 K in a closed helium cycle with benchtop design. The system can easily be installed on an optical stage and allows flexible free beam access at various points. 

  • 1.7 K – 350 K temperature range
  • > 20 mW cooling power
  • Free space high NA access
  • Push-button cooling with precise temperature control
  • High performance vibration isolation

Further information

The xp100 features a cryogen-free design via a Gifford-McMahon (GM) 2-stage cryo-cooler. That saves costs and long-term measurements must no longer be interrupted for time-consuming helium refills.

The cold head is driven by a helium compressor with variable speeds to adapt the cooling power to the need.

The sample chamber, core of each optical experiment, is mounted directly on the optical table. Different experimental setups can be installed around the instrument without blocking access to the sample or the view. The system allows flexible mounting either at 45° or parallel to the hole pattern of the optical table.

The Cryostation xp100 features a powerful vibration isolation and is optimized for the most sensitive experiments. A proprietary sample exchange barrier thermally separates the cooling system from the sample stage. This way the sample stage is heated and cooled independently from the rest of the system. This results in most efficient cooling and quick loading cycles which enable high sample throughput.

The system is touchscreen-controlled with a proprietary user interface and control software. The system has two pre-installed high-frequency connections, 25 DC connections and 3 optical windows. All connections are already thermally anchored. Further interfaces like RF, glass fiber, gas and additional DC connections are fed into the sample chamber through available side panels.

Free-space optical access is granted via multiple radial ports and one overhead port. This enables a number of measurement options like transmission, side reflectance and overhead microscopy. Windows can easily be swapped out to cover a range of wavelengths and experimental needs.

A proprietary liquid helium (LHE) production and recycling system pumps low-pressure LHE into the sample chamber platform. Patented vibration damping reduces vibrations at the sample to a minimum.


Quantum information science
Single-photon sources
Single-molecule spectroscopy
Quantum dot spectroscopy


Cryostation® xp100


Montana Instruments Cryostation xp100: 1.7K Closed-Cycle High NA Optical Cryostat


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