3D Profilo-Rugosimeter NewView 9000

from Zygo

The NewView 9000 is a 3D optical profiler providing powerful versatility in non-contact measurements and characterization of any surface. This CSI microscope can be fully automated and brings sub-nano vertical resolution. It is said to be “metrological” instrument thanks to interferometry that gives the same vertical resolution for any magnification of the lens in use. With this system, it is easy and fast to measure a wide range of surface types, including smooth, rough, flat, sloped, and stepped ones. All measurements are nondestructive, fast, and require no sample preparation. Complete measurement process is made in the head of the NewView 9000. Since it is mechanically independent from its gantry, it can be used in “stand-alone” to create a home-made solution using a custom-gantry.

  • Sub-nano vertical resolution
  • Can be fully automated : XYZ, Tip&Tilt, zoom and objectives turret
  • Ease of use with 1 button acquisition help
  • ISO 25178-compliant results ensure confidence in your metrology
  • Crash protection solution to prevent parts or objectives damages

Further information

At the core of the system is ZYGO's Coherence Scanning Interferometry (CSI) technology which delivers sub-nanometer precision at all magnifications, and measures a wider range of surfaces faster and more precisely than other commercially-available technologies thus optimizing your return on investment.


  • High vertical resolution: 0,08 nm
  • High accuracy: 0,3%
  • High repeatability: 0,1%
  • Wide Field of View with 1600x1200 pixels camera
  • 1 button acquisition help with fast autofocus, autolight, autoscan range
  • Max. measurable topography height: 20 mm (with appropriate objective)
  • Automated instrument:
    • motorized XY: 150x150 mm
    • motorized Z: 100 mm (optional 200 mm)
    • optional motorized Tip&Tilt: +/- 4°
    • motorized 3 position zoom (0,5x / 0,75x / 1x / 1,5x / 2x available)
    • optional motorized 4 positions objectives turret
    • stitching & patterning
    • autofocus, autolight, autoscan range
  • Vibration-resistant, for metrology and process control on the production floor
  • ISO 25178-compliant results ensure confidence on your metrology
  • Non-contact metrology technic prevents part damage
  • Crash protection solution to prevent parts or objectives damages
  • No consumable
  • Large choice of standard lenses: 1X to 100X
  • Choice of Long (20 mm) and Super Long (40 mm) Working Distance lenses


NewView 9000 brochure


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