4 K optical cryostat

Cryostation from Montana Instruments

The Cryostation, a closed-cycle optical cryostat from Montana Instruments, is perfectly suited for cutting-edge optical experiments. The superior vibration isolation reduces the motion of the sample to a minimum. A temperature range of 3,2 K - 350 K is provided by a GM cooler. The impressive degree of automation eliminates the costly and time-consuming risk of cryogenic pitfalls. After inserting the sample and entering a setpoint temperature, the Cryostation s50 reaches and maintains the temperature with highest stability. Up to five viewports and 20 electrical feedthroughs in the standard configuration allow both optical and electrical measurements.

  • 3.2 K -350 K temperature range
  • Vibrations at nanometer level
  • High temperature stability
  • Freespace optical access
  • Numerous options incl. high NA objective and magnet

Further information

The Cryostation is established as standard for sophisticated optical experiments. Extremely low vibrations at the sample allow challenging applications such as microscopy, cavities and opto-mechanics.

The system can be freely placed on the optical table just as any other optical component. That makes it easy to enhance an existing setup by the cryostat. Free-space optical access via 5 viewports provides high flexibility. The Cryostation can be precisely tailored to individual requirements by an enormous set of options. DC, RF, fiber or gas feedthroughs can be installed together with options for magnetic field and high NA microscopy. Many different housing styles and sample holders are available. That saves money and time when setting up the experiment in the lab. Our Cryostation is the most flexible system in the market.

Operation is fully automated by the cryostat including vacuum pump out, cooldown, temperature stabilization at setpoint, warm-up, and purge with dry nitrogen to keep the system surfaces, sample and optics clean. The compressor utilizes special variable helium flow technology. Its parameters are automatically optimized to minimize cooldown time, conserve power and reduce wear on the system. Since most of the experiment is performed at a stable temperature setpoint, the system operates at an input power that is appropriate for the sample temperature. The settings may be adjusted to optimize the cooling power or lower vibration.

The cryostat sample mount incorporates custom filament-wound materials and an engineered platform which maximizes strength and compensates for thermal contraction. This provides a rigid connection to the optics table with little or no drift with each new setpoint.


Color defect centers
Cavity quantum electrodynamics
Quantum emitters / detectors
Photoluminescence / Micro PL
Spectroscopy / microscopy
Magnetics / Spintronics / MOKE
Terahertz spectroscopy
Pump probe spectroscopy


Variable temperature research platforms
Cryostation xp100
Cryostation FAQ


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Montana Instruments Cryostation
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Cryostation Operation
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