Airborne continuous VNIR and SWIR hyperspectral system


AisaFENIX is a hyperspectral sensor for remote sensing applications which covers the wavelength range from 380 nm to 2500 nm in a single camera in one single continuous image. AisaFENIX comes with a single front optic and input slit – a feature commonly used in the entire 400 - 2500 nm range. There is no need for pixel co-registration in different wavelength ranges. The instrument has excellent transmission (> 65%), and a great signal-to-noise ratio and sampling interval. It boasts extreme ruggedness at a 75% reduction in size and weight compared to previous systems, and supports the installation in different kinds of airborne vehicles. AisaFENIX is available as standard version with 384 spatial pixels and as high-spatial-resolution version AisaFENIX 1K with 1024 spatial pixels.

  • 380 nm - 2500 nm wavelength range in one camera
  • Fenix 1K with 1024 spatial pixels
  • High-quality spectral data co-registered in one data file
  • Robust design
  • Excellent transmission

Further information

The camera is free of polarization and provides an optical transmission of 65 %. Spectral resolution in the VNIR is 3.5 nm, and 12 nm in the SWIR. Spectral sampling in the VNIR is as good as 1.6 nm per pixel and 5 nm per pixel in the SWIR. AisaFENIX offers 384 spectral bands in the VNIR and 274 spectral bands in the SWIR. Its signal-to-noise ratio is up to 1000:1. 

As there is only one optic, there is only one field-of-view and no different optical misalignments over the full wavelength range.

The camera runs with 100 Hz. The AisaFENIX sensor head, including all optics and opto-mechanics, is fully temperature-stabilized and shows the same radiometric data even under changing ambient conditions.

The latest development is AisaFENIX 1K with 1024 spatial pixels. AisaFENIX covers a wider field-of-view in a single flight and decreases the flight costs already with the first measurement.


Vegetation research
Precision agriculture
Environmental analysis
Mineral mapping
Law Enforcement
Narcotic plants detection




SPECIM’s AisaFENIX Hyperspectral Camera


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