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Analog Handheld X-ray sources

from Moxtek

The Analog X-ray Sources are used primarily for XRF applications. The small, ultra light-weight designs make these especially useful in handheld applications.

The geometry of the end window allows closer coupling of tube and detector; creating lower absorption loss and geometric loss.  The result is high flux for faster, more accurate analysis. Close coupling is especially important for low z materials.

We offer a wide selection of target materials for your specific application needs.

  • Close coupling of source to detector
  • High flux stability
  • Low power consumption
  • Can be customized
  • Long life

Further information

Configuration Parameters

  • 40kV/4W or 50kV/10W
  • Target materials: Ag, W, Au, Pd, Ta, Rh
  • Wiring length from 2”-14” (50 mm  -  355 mm)


MAGNUM reflection x-ray source with 50 kV cable


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