Our partner Xenics

Camera modules for the MWIR

from Xenics

Xenics camera modules of the XCO series for the MWIR use high-quality InSb or MCT detectors in combination with a Stirling cooler.

Both the MCT and the InSb detector types are available as narrow and broad band version. In addition, the InSb module comes in 2 different f-number variants.

The XCO module features CameraLink and GigE Vision connectors. Its flexible design allows easy integration in customized systems and housings.

Comprehensive documentation.

  • InSb or MCT detector
  • Narrow or broad band
  • CameraLink or GigE Vision interface
  • High frame rate
  • High dynamic range
  • Easy adaptation


  • Modular concept
  • Proprietary camera production
  • Customized systems


XCO 640 series


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