Camera modules for the NIR

from Xenics

Xenics cameras for the NIR use proprietary InGaAs detectors so they perfectly match the proprietary Xenics electronics.

Sensitivity and quantum efficiency of the InGaAs camera modules are the same as those of the finished cameras. This also holds true for the frame rates and windowing mode.

Our NIR camera modules come with CameraLink, GigE Vision or QTE Samtec interfaces.

The InGaAs modules are available with area scan detectors in the size 320x256 or 640x512 pixels or as line-scan detectors with 512, 1024 or 2048 with square pixels.

  • NIR detectors
  • Outstanding imaging quality
  • High quantum efficiency
  • Line scan or area scan sensors
  • Versatile interfaces
  • Easy adaptation

Further information

NIR camera modules XSW 320 with 320x256 pixels
NIR camera modules XSW 320 Gated with 320x256 pixels Gated Imaging
NIR camera modules XSW 640 with 640x512 pixels
NIR camera modules XSL-SQ line scan sensor with square pixels


  • Modular concept
  • Proprietary camera production
  • System building
  • Integration in machines and plants


XSW 320 series
XSW gated series
XSW 640 series
XSL SQ series


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