Compact airborne VNIR and eNIR hyperspectral system


AisaKESTREL is a complete compact hyperspectral system with no compromises. Despite the small size and light weight AisaKESTREL provides exceptional an professional performance in airborne UAV applications at affordable costs.AisaKESTREL provides radiometrically and spectrally stable data and high signal-to-noise ratio in variable real world remote sensing. There are two versions available:
AisaKESTREL 10 (400 - 1000 nm) and AisaKESTREL 16 (600 - 1640 nm).

  • Push-broom imager with high light througput
  • Outstanding spatial resolution of 2048 pixels
  • Radiometrically and spectrally stable data
  • High signal-to-noise ratio in the entire region of 400 -1 000 nm or 600 - 1640 nm
  • Complete UAV system compatible with various platforms with 5 kg payload

Further information

AisaKESTREL is available in two wavelengths ranges. AisaKESTREL 10 is used in the VNIR wavelength range from 400 to 1000 nm. It is based on a CMOS detector with 1312 or 2048 pixels and offers a spectral sampling as good as 1.75 nm. A maximum frame rate of 170 frames per second allows cost-effective flight speeds with high spatial resolution on the ground. The integration time can be set independent within the frame rate to cover light situations under all atmospheric conditions.

AisaKESTREL 16 is equipped with an extended InGaAs detector for the Visible and NIR wavelength range of 600 to 1640 nm.  There are two versions available with 320 and with 640 spatial pixels. Frame rate is 100 Hz.

Both systems have in common that the image distortions like Keystone or Smile are negligible (both below 0.5 pixels) and both are equipped with a built-in shutter for dark image acquisition. These two facts are responsible for long stable and repeatable data even for long flight terms. A GNSS/IMU unit is with the system to allow to correlate the location of interesting data.
Allthough AisaKESTREL is highlighted to be light weight it is a full remote sensing system which always takes the use in account.


Vegetation research
Environmental analysis
Mineral mapping
Law enforcement
Narcotic plants detection




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