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Cooled mid infrared camera

Tigris from Xenics

Tigris 640 is a high performance cooled mid infrared camera. Temperature differences as small as 0.025 K can be analyzed.

  • Best image performance: 640 x 512 pixels
  • High temperature resolution
  • Easy handling
  • Includes filter wheel with slots for up to five filters
  • SDK for own programming available

Further information

The Tigris-MWIR-InSb camera uses advanced real-time image correction and are equipped with a state of the art InSb detector array with 640 x 512 pixel resolution with 15 µm pixel pitch. The Tigris camera offers 13-, 14- or 15-bit images, user selectable, at various frame rates. Tigris is a high speed Mid-IR camera with a full frame rate of 357 Hz. Windowing increases the frame rate with this camera.

The Tigris camera is offered in a full package. The camera provides as interfaces GigE, Ethernet, CameraLink, Video out, Trigger in and out and a five positions filter wheel is part of the camera. The InSb Broadband version ranges from 1.5 µm to 5.4 µm. Tigris is available with an MCT detector as well. This version serves the wave length range of 3.7 μm to 4.8 μm rsp. 1.5 - 6 µm


Monitoring temperature differences
High speed infrared images
Defect analysis in electronics
Non destructive testing
Optics analysis


Tigris 640 series


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