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Custom 3D optical metrology heads

from Zygo

Zygo's 3D optical profilers heads are available as a fully integrable solution.

Do you have a need for precise, high-speed, non-contact surface metrology or characterization with specific use or experiment ?

Are you an OEM manufacturer or system integrator looking to partner with a leading company with the experience to ensure your success?

You can buy a NewView 9000 head and integrated yourself on your own gantry over your samples holder or over your set-up or experience.

But in case of OEM needs, Zygo’s experienced team of engineers and scientists are available to discuss your requirements and metrology needs and can recommend optimal configurations to address your specific requirements for speed, field-of-view, and part geometries. We look forward to partnering with you on your next successful program.

  • independant optical head to be used on home-made gantry
  • keep sub-nano vertical resolution if vibrations are under controlled
  • individual measure still fully automated : autofocus, autolight, autoscan range, motorized turret
  • Remote access API enables simple and complete control of the Mx™ software
  • Built in python scripting for creating custom functions and analyses

Further information

Zygo Corp. is expert in Coherence Scanning Interferometry (CSI). Their innovative and differentiation enables the most precise and fastest measurement to get 3D surface topography, 3D surface roughness, step heights, flatness, film thickness, micro-geometry and more quantified down to sub-nanometer levels – with a single sensor solution.

Process of one CSI measure is fully made in the head of any Zygo optical profiler. Zygo’s “stand-alone” heads are built on NewView 9000 principle. The optical head of the NewView 9000 is mechanically independent from its usual gantry on which it is attached thought a Z 100 mm motor. This head can be used in “stand-alone” to create a home-made solution using a custom-gantry. Integration is simple using 4 threaded holes.


  • indendant optical head supplied with or without Zygo gantry
  • High vertical resolution: sub-nanometer
  • autofocus, autolight, autoscan range
  • motorized Z: 100 mm (optional 200 mm)
  • motorized 3 position zoom (0,5x / 0,75x / 1x / 1,5x / 2x available)
  • motorized 4 positions objectives turret
  • Remote access API enables simple and complete control of the Mx™ software
  • Built in python scripting for creating custom functions and analyses
  • Camera 1600x1200 pixels @ 150 Hz
    • selectable 1000x1000 @ 195 Hz / 1000x600 @ 300 Hz / 1000x200 @ 800 Hz
  • Optional ultra-fast camera 1280x1024 pixels @ 1000 Hz (max piezo scan length 145 µm)
    • selectable 512x512 @ 3000 Hz (max piezo scan length 100 µm)
  • ISO 25178-compliant results ensure confidence on your metrology
  • Large choice of standard lenses: 1X to 100X
  • Choice of Long (20 mm) and Super Long (40 mm) Working Distance lenses


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