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MWIR spectral camera

FX 50 from SPECIM

In the medium-wave infrared (MWIR; 2,7 – 5,3 µm) band, thermal radiation of objects is used to detect and analyze their composition. Hyperspectral imaging in the MWIR provides highly interesting information, as a lot of widely-used materials have characteristic spectral signatures in this range. Specim’s FX50 MWIR spectral camera combines a high-end cooled detector based on InSb with a Specim imaging spectrograph of highest performance. The FX50 MWIR spectral camera comes with specially designed front lenses with highest transmission and low optical aberrations to ensure the best possible performance.

  • Spectral band: 2,7 – 5,3 µm
  • High spectral and spatial resolution
  • High frame rate of 380 Hz Full frame
  • Higher frame rates in windowing mode
  • High sensitivity
  • Compact and robust

Further information

The MIR wavelength range allows scanning minerals and black polymers that cannot be seen in the SWIR. The system is perfectly suited for high-speed industrial or high-resolution research applications.

The FX50 MWIR spectral camera integrates a high-speed, high-resolution cooled InSb sensor with a high transmissive imaging spectrograph. The camera offers a high frame rate of 380 frames per second. Even higher frame rates can be achieved limiting the number of spectral bands. FX50 is based on a cooled InSb detector with a spectral sampling of 8.44 nm/pixel in 640 spatial pixels and 154 spectral bands. The optics are temperature stabilized by a TEC cooler in ordert o guarantee constant high performance when looking at hot objects.

FX50 follows IP 40 standard to ensure usability under industrial conditions.


Black polymer sorting
Environmental research
Chemical imaging
Gas analysis
Cultural heritage


FX50 High-speed spectral camera


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