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NIR spectroscopy with photo diode array

iDus InGaAs from Andor Technology

Andor Technology offers InGaAs detectors based on the iDus spectroscopy platform. The user can choose between 512 and 1024 pixels of a photo diode array (PDA). Ideally suited for NIR spectroscopy, the InGaAs iDus covers a range of wavelengths from 500 nm to 1700 nm, or from 1000 nm to 2200 nm, respectively. The InGaAs detectors can be used stand-alone as a NIR line camera, or attached to a spectrograph or a monochromator.


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iDus InGaAs 1.7 (500 - 1700 nm)
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iDus InGaAs 2.2 (1000 - 2200 nm)


Absorption, transmission, reflexion
Tissue and blood examinations
Material characterization and identification
Optical coherence tomography (OCT)
NIR spectroscopy


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Spectroscopy solutions brochure
Liquid cooling system EXT-440
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Remote camera server


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Reference customers

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Beam diagnostics

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iDus InGaAs DU490A-1.7
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