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Pulsed light source for ultra high-speed cameras

from Cordin

Model 605 is a pulsed Xenon source, ideal for high-speed imaging with highest frame rates. It provides even intensity output over the duration of the individual image acquisition.

  • Variable high intensity
  • Square pulse illumination
  • Variable flash duration 0,1 bis 20 ms
  • Peak 5-10 Million Candela
  • Flash heads 1 or 2
  • Single pulse or repetitive modes

Further information

Depending on the application, intensity can be freely chosen. This means illumination can be increased or reduced without changing the setup.

Common Xenon flash lamps follow a modified R-C intensity curve with relatively slow rise and decay times without peak. Model 605 provides a square pulse with steep edges that offers constant exposure even at high frame rates. Model 605 can be equipped with one or two flash heads, depending on the output intensity needed.  Pulses can either be generated based on a user-defined frequency or by an external trigger signal.


High-speed cameras
Ultra high-speed cameras
Single frames with short integration


605 Square pulse light source


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