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SPECIM has launched a fast hyperspectral camera in the shortwave infrared range (SWIR 1000 - 2500 nm). The camera uses a new and unique high-resolution detector with 384 spatial pixels. It achieves a very fast frame rate with up to 400 frames per second in full frame mode. The camera is built with temperature-stabilized optics which provide great stability and high sensitivity during long acquisition runs even under changing ambient temperatures. Even for long term applications, only one white reference acquisition is necessary. The camera is truly indispensable for a lot of challenging applications like SWIR and NIR chemical imaging, phenotyping, and painting or geological applications.

  • Spectral range: 1000-2500 nm
  • High spectral resolution: 12nm
  • Spectral sampling: 5.6 nm
  • High spatial resolution: 15 nm
  • IP54-proofed housing

Further information

The Specim SWIR camera combines high quality with industrial standards. The IP54 casing allows usage in both industrial environments and outdoors. The detector’s high sensitivity and stability are kept even for long measurement runs as the detector is cooled and as well the spectrograph in front. So the camera is the perfect solution for applications where there is little or no interaction with the user over long periods of time. 384 spatial pixels allow a wide field-of-view for the cost-effective acquisition of wide scenes. A broad range of dedicated interchangeable front lenses allows acquisitions in the macro range (with 1:1 macro lens), in standard laboratory sizes and in long-range applications. By default, the camera runs at 400 Hz full frame. Faster acquisitions are possible in the “windowing” mode. The camera features a 16-bit dynamic range to cover different brightness levels in just one image. Exposure times of 100 µs to 20 ms make it suitable for a wide range of applications and reduce the need for artificial illumination.


Painting analysis
Vegetation research
Pharmaceutical applications
Food analysis


Spectral camera SWIR


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