The FP Profiler for large samples

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The contact profilers of the FP series by Toho Technology are used in both research and production for the metrological surface characterization of large format samples whenever small profilers reach their limits.

  • Scan repeatability: FP-A type profilers: 10 Å ; FP-X type profilers: 15 Å
  • X and Y repeatability: ±2 μm
  • Scan length: 30 mm ~ 90 mm with stress option
  • Vertical range: 0 - 130 μm
  • Stylus force: 0.5 mg - 15 mg

Further information

There are currently plenty of profilers available on the market. However, when samples exceed the standard sizes and reach dimensions up to 400 mm and larger, Toho's FP Profiler series becomes a unique tool to measure and characterize these samples.

Toho’s profilers incorporate the established KLA-Tencor design and combine the patented Micro Head and Stylus with a large moving transfer stage. The accurate force control allows reliable measurements with excellent vertical resolution and precision, making FP profilers the first choice measurement systems for the sample sizes specified below.

The FP series profilers feature automated analysis of step heights, waviness and surface topography and flatness, 2D and 3D imaging of the topographic characteristics and an option for stress and 4-point probe resistivity measurements.


Thin film heights The accurate profile measurements allow the determination of very thin film thicknesses giving scan repeatabilities of up to 1 nm.
Thick film heights The large vertical height range of up to 130 µm allows, besides the measurement of thin films, also the determination of the thickness of very thick films.
Surface roughness characterization
Surface curvature and form
2D stress measurement option


FP series contact profiler


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