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Vacuum spectrographs for VUV and XUV / EUV spectroscopy

LIGHT series from H+P Spectroscopy

The easyLIGHT and maxLIGHT vacuum spectrographs are designed upon chosen gratings with grazing incidence. The H+P models comprise an aberration-corrected flat field in one or more pre-defined wavelength ranges. By that the signal intensity is maximized. They achieve a spectral resolution of up to 0.03 nm in a range from 1 nm (soft X-ray) to 200 nm (VUV). The spectral ranges from 1 to 20 nm, from 5 to 80 nm and from 40 to 200 nm are covered by a single grating. The geometry of the spectrograph is given by the wavelength or energy range and the distance of the EUV/VUV light source. The modular layout allows adaptation to all kind of vacuum chambers and different samples herein. The systems are provided with a filter holder and a motorized grating mount with permanent monitoring. The easyLIGHT model complements the range by a compact vacuum spectrograph with normal-incidence and monochromator properties.

  • Flat-field image
  • Direct imaging of the source
  • Customized optical geometry
  • CCD detector or MCP-fibre coupled detector optional
  • Compact, rugged design, mountable on any vacuum chamber

Further information

The high light efficiency with up to 20x higher intensity significantly improves signal-to-noise. The compact layout and rugged design saves laboratory space. H+P also offers special builts for example, non-magnetic instruments, other housing geometries, EMP protection, HV configurations, ...

Every spectrograph is customized to exactly match the desired application. This concerns the interfacing to experimental chambers, the source distance and the integration of a user-supplied detector. As an option there is an oil-free vacuum pump available.


High harmonic generation (HHG) radiation
High intensity laser-matter interaction
Undulator and free-electron laser (FEL) radiation
Magnetically confined plasmas
Fusion research
Characterization of line-emission sources


easyLIGHT spectrographs
MaxLIGHT spectrographs

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Author(s) Institute Year Spectrograph/
High-harmonic radiation for seeding the swiss free electron laser J. Rauschenberger¹, C. Hauri²

Dr. Hoerlein +
Partner GbR,
Mannheim, Germany,

²Paul Scherrer Institut,
Villigen, Switzerland




Martin Klecka
Martin Klecka
Ales Jandik
Ales Jandik

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