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Wire-grid polarizing beamsplitter plate

PBS PBF Series from Moxtek

ProFlux beamsplitter Nanowire technology is optimized to operate at 45°, providing durable polarizing beamsplitters. These beamsplitters can be used for a variety of both imaging and non-imaging applications for display products and scientifi c instruments. The ProFlux polarizing beamsplitter’s wide angular aperture, excellent performance and exceptional reliability offer an excellent design choice.

  • Optical flatness
  • Excellent for optical design with f/# < f/2.0
  • Wavelength and AOI independent
  • Broadband
  • High heat resistance

Further information

Made with highly durable materials, ProFlux provides pure polarization that gives a high contrast and bright image for the life of the projector. The ProFlux polarization mechanism aligns ideally with the LC display and has excellent polarization uniformity even over large apertures, providing bright, high contrast, long-lasting displays. 

PBS02: general purpose

  • Lower cost
  • For many applications with less stringent imaging requirements

PBF02: improved flatness

Designed specifically for imaging applications where image quality is critical

  • Thicker flat borofloat substrate
  • starting material, 3λ/in flatness
  • Improved wavefront of finished product

PBF-UF: ultra flat

Controlled cut part flatness < 2λ/in

  • Ultra flat starting material
  • Controlled wavefront of finished product


Analytical instrumentation


Polarizing beamsplitter PBS PBF series


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