Light source allrounder

The TLS tunable light source is the true allrounder in our light sources product range. It is easy to use, highly flexible and can be controlled both manually and from a computer...

TLS is a one-box set-up including a Xenon lamp with motorized monochromator. It has been put together in cooperation with our partner Bentham and is optimized for magneto-optic applications. The TLS is tunable from 280 nm to 1100 nm; either with the knob on the front panel or by using the USB interface. The output port is coupled into a fiber through SMA, and we use it with a 1 mm UV/VIS fiber. TLS is also used in experiments with Quantum Design systems for applications involving magneto-optics, fluorescence, photoconductivity and others.

All in all, it is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a flexible, fiber-coupled, tunable, monochromatic light-source.

PDF: B-TLS120Xe High power tuneable light source


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