04. September 2022  - 09. September 2022 Regensburg, Germany

DPG Conference (SKM)

Regensburg University, Booth A44, Audimax

DPG Meeting of the Condensed Matter Section.

Our topics:

Materials science:

  • PPMS and MPMS3 from Quantum Design
  • VSM, products for Hall effect measurements from Lake Shore
  • Temperature sensors, monitors and controllers from Lake Shore

Imaging & spectroscopy:

  • Cameras and detectors for time-resolved spectroscopy and imaging from Andor
  • X-ray diffraction, CT and imaging with energy discrimination (Advacam)

We are happy to meet you at or booth A44.

Meet our colleagues:
David Appel
David Appel
Dr. Thorsten Pieper
Dr. Thorsten Pieper
Dr. Tobias Adler
Dr. Tobias Adler
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