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Top articles from Edition 38 (7/22)

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About us

May I introduce myself?

My name is Merle Gerhardt. I finished my 2-year apprenticeship in wholesale and foreign trade with Quantum Design and am happy to be your commercial…


Electrical measurements at low temperatures – Multi-Contact Wedges

The most common method to characterize electronic components at low temperatures are measurements through cryogenic probe stations.

Recirculating cryocooler for "wet" cryostats

The recirculating cryocooler from Janis release “wet” cryostats from their dependency on liquid helium.

Helium recovery with proprietary liquefaction

We have a comprehensive guide on available helium recovery systems on our website [1] and would be happy to discuss your helium recovery requirements…

Cryogenic probe stations as turnkey measurement systems

Lake Shore is the largest provider of cryogenic probe stations in the world. Probe stations allow efficient measurements on electronic components…

Lakeshore components inquiry portal

Lakeshore offer a large number of temperature sensors, monitors and controllers.

Reasons for worldwide helium shortage

If you want to buy liquid helium, you currently have to dig deep in your pocket. Prices have increased considerably during the past 12 months.

Electron microscopy

AFSEM nano – Correlative AFM- & SEM analysis now in Stanford

As kind of an early Christmas present, our AFSEM nano system was installed at the University of Stanford in the beginning of December.


New Xenics camera family – Ceres T

Longwave microbolometer cameras measure temperatures in the ranges -20 to 120 °C and 50 to 400 °C.

The Prisma XRM – a new class in x-ray 3D-tomography

The Prisma XRM from Sigray defines a new class in the field of X-ray tomography and X-ray microscopy.

Light & Lasers

Good old state-of-the-art: Laser Power Meters from Macken

For more than 30 years, Macken has been our team partner when it comes to laser power meters. Classic power meters (aka “bones”) are still in demand…

Materials science

Woollam-Newsletter – Edition 21 now released

Woollam’s latest newsletter has been published! Edition 21 offers interesting features on spectroscopic ellipsometry and other topics around the…

1.5 kW Laser-Based Floating Zone Furnace

Quantum Design Japan have just launched a new version of their laser furnace for single crystal fabrication.

High frequencies in the DynaCool measurement system

Apart from measurement options, our PPMS, DynaCool and VersaLab systems allow the integration of proprietary electronics or measurement setups.

IR-VASE at the Institute of Physical Chemistry of the Romanian Academy of Sciences in Bucarest

Since August 2008, the Institute of Physical Chemistry has had an Infrared Spectroscopic Ellipsometer (IR - VASE) – built by J. A. Woollam (now…

Quantum efficiency in photovoltaics

Quantum efficiency in photovoltaics is the ratio of electrons in a photocurrent to the number of photons that hit, for example, a solar cell.


MOXTEK Performance comparison tool

Our partner MOXTEK boasts a wide range of polarizers and beamsplitters for a variety of applications.


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