Janis Research designs and manufactures a line of superior quality research Dewars. With a wide range of styles and options available, there is sure to be a Dewar to suit your application.

Dewars - CNDT Dewars
CNDT Dewars

Designed with SuperVariTemp inserts or immersion inserts in mind, these Dewars have demountable bottom flanges allowing easy installation of the desired tail set. They have a completely enclosed ...

Dewars - CNDT-NMR Dewars

Similar to the standard CNDT Dewar, but custom-designed for NMR spectroscopy. The sample space is maximized while still allowing the tail to fit inside the bore of your magnet.

Dewars - CNDT-UHV Dewars

Similar to the standard CNDT Dewar, but custom-designed for UHV applications. This Dewar is built to order, so the dimensions, cryogen volume, conflat flange, and cold plate tapped hole pattern may ...

Dewars - VSRD Dewars (Vapor Shielded)
VSRD Dewars (Vapor Shielded)

These convenient bucket-style Dewars need no liquid nitrogen for operation and are suitable for use with superconducting magnets and other non-optical inserts

Dewars - Liquid Nitrogen Research Dewars
Liquid Nitrogen Research Dewars

The model LN2-IMM-T is an immersion tail liquid nitrogen system that can be used in the bore of a superconducting magnet for testing high-temperature superconductors.


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