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Phototherapy is the oldest form of treatment for many skin diseases and is based on the positive effect of sunlight. In particular, the radiation components in the ultraviolet (UV) range have proven to be very effective in the treatment of numerous skin diseases. Lamps that generate artificial UV light have been used in medicine since 1899 and can be used to treat skin diseases in a targeted manner. Since then, there have been many successful efforts in research and technology to further improve this form of therapy and minimize side effects. Today, therefore, light sources with specially selected spectra are available and modern therapy devices enable precise dosage of the UV light.

Special light meters are also available to control the intensity of the UV light, with which the skin is irradiated in order to avoid damage during therapy.

Further information

Test system for MED/MPD* systems in phototherapy

MED/MPD* systems are used in medical phototherapy to determine the optimum UV dose for every individual patient. They must be calibrated on a regular basis

MPP (Mini Pen Probes) detectors are specifically de- signed for the wavelength ranges of these systems. In combination with the innovative functions of the handh- held light meter ILT2400, they enable comfortable monitoring of MED/MPD testing devices.

MPP are available in three configurations:

MPP sensor


Measuring range with ILT2400


315 – 390 nm

0,1 µW/cm² – 1,8 W/cm²


290 - 330 nm
Peak: 311 nm

3 µW/cm² – 1,8 W/cm²


265 - 320 nm

0,4 µW/cm² – 8 W/cm²

Key benefits

  • Direct reading of irradiance (W/cm²) or dose (mJ/cm²)
  • Internal measurement data storage with date/ time
  • No-license-required software
  • Measurement data is displayed on meter or exported to a PC
  • Meter and sensors with NIST traceable and ISO17025 accredited calibration
  • Brillant 4.3” touchscreen display
  • Built-in battery lasts up to 8 hours
  • Charge via USB interface

Wavelength ranges MPP sensors



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