Light source accessories

Our optical and mechanical accessories facilitate the delivery of the desired radiation to your sample or additional processing equipment.

They allow you to reimage the source or filter, attenuate the beam, or turn it up, down or 90° along the horizontal plane.

You can also add a fiber optic to carry the light to a hard-to-reach place. All accessories couple directly to the output of the lamp housing condenser and to each other.

  • Adapt our light sources for your particular requirements
  • Couple directly to the condensers of our lamp housings
  • Can be assembled in any order


Ultraviolet safety spectacles - Data sheet
Biconvex lenses - Data sheet
Plano-convex lenses - Data sheet
Water filter - Data sheet
90° beam turner - Data sheet
Optical shutters and fiber couplers - Data sheet
Lens and filter holders, iris diaphragms - Data sheet


Staffan Eriksson
Staffan Eriksson

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