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Spectroradiometer 180 - 1100 nm

ILT960 series from International Light Technologies

The ILT960 is equally at home on the production floor as well as in the laboratory combining high performance, accuracy, ease of use, and a wide array of features all in a rugged, compact, portable design.

The outstanding performance has been improved further over the ILT950 with a revised optical beam delivery for reduced stray light and improved thermal stability. The ILT960 spectroradiometers feature a CMOS linear sensor. This results in better sensitivity over the entire spectral range, as well as a better signal-to-noise ratio of now 330:1.

The new ILT960 spectroradiometer is available in three versions. Depending on the wavelength range ILT960UV-*, ILT960VIS-* & ILT960BB-* . In combination with different input optics (e.g. integrating spheres INS**, rectangular "cosine adapter", RAA4, etc. ) various photometric and radiometric light measurements can be performed.

  • NIST-traceable, ISO17025 accredited calibration
  • Sensitivity range 180 - 1100 nm (depending on type)
  • Calibrated range 200 - 1050 (depending on type and input optics)
  • </=0.9 nm - </= 1.2 nm resolution (depending on type)
  • USB interface
  • Compact, portable design

Further information

SpectriLight III – series control & analysis software

SpectriLight™ III is a LabVIEW based software package for Windows that allows you to acquire spectral and color data.

The new version of SpectriLight™ III has additional calculations for metamerism, and 2 and 20 degree observer. The new overlay feature allows the user to compare the base reading to current readings. Wavelength range, integration time, scan average and other controls can be easily set through pop up windows, menus and tool bars.

Absolute irradiance and chromaticity are calculated instantly.

SpectriLight™ III is LabVIEW based software and can be easily customized for specific OEM applications. For API applications, Multiple DLL’s are available.


  • Automated time line measurements
  • Access multiple calibration files
  • Auto-integration simplifies user interactions
  • Scan average: 1 to 999 for reduced noise
  • Peak find
  • Enhanced scaling and zoom features including movable vertical cursors
  • Export to ASCII text or directly into Excel. Save screens/scans in multiple formats including
  • .bmp, .jpg, and .png
  • Powerful import data wizard can even import data from other spectrometers



180 - 500 nm sensitivity range


180 - 850 nm sensitivity range


180 - 1100 nm  sensitivity range


LED test & measurement
Plant Growth/PAR/Plant Photobiology
Characterization of Solar Simulation
Characterization of UV Curing Systems
Photostability Testing
Accelerated Weathering
Radiometery and Photometry Measurements
LED Illumination and Color Analysis
Absorbance/Transmittance of Fibre optics


ILT960 series


ILT960 portable mini spectrometer


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