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Return of Investment

Return of investment tool

The Return on Investment (ROI) tool helps you estimate the point when, apart from aspects like supply safety and sustainability, the purchase of a helium recovery plant pays off.

If you press calculate the different costs involved in a helium recovery are estimated from your input values. The calculations are shown for all three different recovery solutions, direct recovery – DR, medium pressure recovery – MPR and high pressure recovery – HPR.

Based on the specified power consumption of the equipment involved and its estimated running time in the different configurations, electricity costs are calculated in Euros per year. Maintenance costs are fix costs that depend on the configuration, but can change in reality according to the dimension of the recovery plant. Compensation costs are connected to the losses which cannot be collected by the recovery plant and where liquid helium has to be bought to keep the number of liters constant. The DR has a recovery efficiency of approx. 70%, which is equal to about 30% of losses which have to be compensated. The MPR recovers around 95% (approx. 5% losses), and the HPR recovers approx. 99% (1% losses).