04. July 2022  - 07. July 2022 Rennes (France)

European Conference on Molecular Magnetism ECMM 2022

The 1st European Conference on Molecular Magnetism was organized in 2006 in Tomar (Portugal). Since then, ECMM was organized on a biennial basis with ECMM2009 in Wroclaw (Poland), ECMM2011 in Paris (France), ECMM2013 in Karlsruhe (Germany), ECMM2015 in Zaragoza (Spain), ECMM2017 in Bucharest (Romania) and ECMM2019 in Florence (Italy). While postponed for a year due the pandemy, Rennes team aims to continue this series of International Conferences.

Indeed, molecular Magnetism remains a very active area at the international level, particularly in Europe where some of the major discoveries have been made. Owing to its multidisciplinary nature, this area has been constantly renewed thanks to the intimate collaborations between scientists belonging to different disciplines. One of the objectives of this conference is not only to gather researchers active in the area of Molecular Magnetism, but also to take this opportunity to broaden the perspectives of the field by inviting outstanding researchers working on subjects that are of interest to our community.

The program will include 3 plenary and 8 invited lectures focusing on hot aspects of the field. Numerous contributed talks and posters presentations will complete a rich program.

In addition, ECMM 2022 will host the 8th Olivier Kahn International Award (OKIA) and a lecture will be given by the recipient.

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Nicolas Tcherbak
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