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The AFSEM system enables you to combine the possibilities of your SEM with the capabilities of an atomic force microscopy (AFM). The AFSEM is compatible with most SEM and FIB/SEM systems on the market and can easily added to your system. Due to the unique design of the AFSEM™ system it will not interfere with other methods of your system (e.g. FIB, FEBID, EDX) but will add information regarding the structure of your sample.

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The AFSEM will come with ac-mode as well as contact mode as standard and you can also use it for phase contrast or force spectroscopy measurements. You even can add new functionalities by using special cantilevers e.g. conductive measurements.
The AFSEM is easy of use and offers maximum flexibility. The independent 3-axis travel stage will move the cantilever into your SEM field of view and you will sue the SEM sample stage to position your sample to measure your region of interest. Watch this video to get an inside look into the world of AFSEM. This novel technique enables you to perform unique experiments within your SEM, Dual-Beam or optical microscope.


AFSEM - SEM compatibility list
In-situ MFM analysis of magnetic multilayers - Application Note
Analysis of tensile stress samples - Application Note
In-situ bone analysis - Application Note
Nanoindentation analysis - Application Note
Conductive analysis - Application Note


AFSEM® Introduction
Mounting AFSEM® to an SEM
AFSEM® Cantilever Exchange
AFSEM® Webinar - The leading solution for in situ correlative AFM, SEM, EDX analysis



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