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Interféromètre Zygo Verifire


ZYGO's Verifire interferometer system provides fast high-precision measurements of plano or spherical surfaces, and transmitted wavefront of optical systems and assemblies. Measure glass or plastic optical components - like flats, lenses, and prisms - and even precision machined metal and ceramic surfaces.

  • True on-axis Fizeau configuration ensures accurate metrology
  • Continuously-variable optical zoom
  • QPSI technology, available only from ZYGO
  • Industry-leading reliability with unmatched 3-year laser warranty

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Enabled by optimized system design and a high-power laser, ZYGO's proprietary QPSI vibration-tolerant interferometry ensures reliable "ripple-free" phase measurements in vibration-prone environments and can be trusted to provide accurate surface metrology in the QC lab and on the production floor.


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How to Use the SmartAveraging™ Feature of ZYGO's Mx™ Software


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