Interféromètre Zygo Verifire HDX : Très Haute Résolution


 ZYGO's Verifire HDX interferometer is designed and built for mid-spatial frequency content characterization of extreme performance optical components and systems.

  • Low-noise, high-speed 11.6 megapixel sensor running at 96 Hz
  • Designed for Optimal resolution and performance
  • High power, long lifetime HeNe laser source

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The system includes all the great features of the popular Verifire HD - such as QPSI, and a long-life stabilized laser - and adds important enhancements like new best-in-class imaging and resolution for high instrument transfer function (ITF), superior characterization of mid-spatial frequency content and high-slope surface deviation, as well as ZYGO's DynaPhase dynamic acquisition technique (optional) that eliminates problems due to vibration and enables precision metrology in nearly any environment.


Verifire HDX brochure


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