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Sigray is offering dedicated x-ray optics for experiments at a synchrotron beamline or for the work with a laboratory based x-ray system.

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Customized synchrotron paraboloidal x-ray mirror lens for high resolution experiments

  • High resolution with <0.2 - 5 µm spot size
  • Large numerical aperture (enabling 4X higher flux at the sample than a KB mirror)
  • High efficiency
  • Achromatic focusing, ideal for microbeam applications requiring energy tunability such as x-ray absorption spectroscopy
  • Flexibility in beamline design: a small form factor enables up to 4 optics to be used within the same beamline, with each optic designed for a different energy, resolution, etc.

Paraboloidal mirror lens configured to focus x-rays

Sigray has developed a new design for x-ray lenses that has numerous advantages compared to polycap or monocap lens designs.

  • Intense flux at the sample, due to a combination of: small point spread function, high transmission efficiency (~80%) and large numerical aperture of the optics
  • Highest resolution (<8 µm) spot of any laboratory x-ray optic available
  • Spot size is round and symmetric with minimal tails
  • Most accurate analytical capabilities for microanalysis due to achromatic focal spot and pencil beam focusing
  • Large working distances (up to 50 mm) for maximal experimental flexibility for a wide range of sample types
  • Compact form factor further enables detector placement for large solid angle of collection


Standard specifications for Sigray´s synchrotron optics

  • Type: Achromatic paraboloidal x-ray mirror lens
  • Spot Size: <0.2 to <10 µm (dependent on working distance and energy)
  • Reflecting Surface: Coated with platinum (other materials upon request)
  • Energy Range: 0.1-60 keV
  • Angular Range: ~3X critical angle of glass
  • Strehl Ratio: 75%
  • Working Distance: 2 mm to 10 cm, depending on desired resolution and application

Standard specifications for Sigray´s twin paraboloidal x-ray mirror lens

  • Spot Size: <8 µm
  • Reflective Surface: Coated with Pt. Other coatings available upon request.
  • Working distance: 10-100 mm. Depends on desired application and can be modified.
  • Transmission Efficiency: ~80%
  • Focus Chromaticity: Achromatic
  • Spectral Bandpass: Wide with a high energy cut-off
  • Applications: Optimal for coupling to high brightness microfocus x-ray sources
  • Normalized Phase Space Acceptance: 3 (assuming a normalized value of 1 for polycapillaries)


Synchrotron Beamline performance improvements
Energy Applications Sigray advantage over other approaches
< 3 keV Ptychography (0.2 - 3 keV)
ARPES (0.5 - 2 keV)
PEEM (0.1 - 3 keV)
High NA & efficiency for soft x-rays, larger working distance than zoneplates, and achromatic
< 20 keV TXM (0.3 - 20 keV) Customer-specific design
Achromatic, high efficiency
2-60 keV µXRF (2 - 30 keV)
µXRD (5 - 60 keV)
XAFS (2 -20 keV)
Super Confocal **

High flux, high efficieny, compact form factor, and more reasonable working distance than KB mirror

** Super confocal options available upon request for <5 µm resolution (configuration uses a twin paraboloidal lens scheme with multiple advantages over polycapilarry optics)

A turret of multiple optics can be used within the same beamline, allowing access to one or more of the above techniques (e.g. ARPES, confocal, etc.)

Laboratory based x-ray performance improvements:
  • Focusing x-ray microanalysis (e.g. microXRF, microXRD, protein crystallography)
  • Collimated x-ray or parallel beam techniques (e.g. SAXS)
  • Line focus (e.g. GISAXS, GIXRD, TXRF, etc.)


Axially symmetric mirror lens
FAAST Phase x-ray source


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