Thermographiques NDT et NDE

Thermographiques NDT et NDE - Thermographic NDE
Thermographic NDE

EchoTherm is the system of choice for any tough non-destructive evaluation (NDE) application – from automated manufacturing to aircraft inspection. The system provides fast, non-contact, wide area ...

Thermographiques NDT et NDE - Advanced thermography for in-service inspection
Advanced thermography for in-service inspection

Portability for the field—that’s the driving force behind ThermoScope III. Combining flash heating, image acquisition and analysis, this unit allows a single user to perform the inspection with ease ...

Thermographiques NDT et NDE - Complete thermographic inspection solution
Complete thermographic inspection solution

VoyageIR Pro is a new approach to thermographic non-destructive technique (NDT) that provides unprecedented sensitivity and accuracy for less than the cost of an IR camera. Combining Thermal Wave ...

Thermographiques NDT et NDE - Thermographic turbine test station
Thermographic turbine test station

Complete suite of airfoil inspections in minutes The Thermal Wave Imaging T3S thermographic turbine test station performs a comprehensive suite of turbine airfoil inspections in a single, ...


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