Mesure de la lumière

Mesure de la lumière - Applications Light measurement technology and the appropriate devices
Applications Light measurement technology and the appropriate devices

Find the appropriate device for your field of application easily. Anti-Microbial & UV Disinfection Flash Measurement UV Curing

Mesure de la lumière - Application Phototherapy
Application Phototherapy

Phototherapy is the oldest form of treatment for many skin diseases and is based on the positive effect of sunlight. In particular, the radiation components in the ultraviolet (UV) range have proven ...

Mesure de la lumière - Light measurement applications
Light measurement applications

Overview For some years now, so-called audience scanning laser shows have been used in show business, involving the public. This is accompanied by an increased risk of eye damage to the audience. ...

Mesure de la lumière - Spectroradiomètre

The ILT350 Spectroradiometer is a low cost, easy-to-use lux and color measurement spectroradiometer with NIST-traceable and ISO 17025-accredited calibration. The device comes with a built-in ...

Mesure de la lumière - Spectroradiometer 180 - 1100 nm
Spectroradiometer 180 - 1100 nm

The ILT960 is equally at home on the production floor as well as in the laboratory combining high performance, accuracy, ease of use, and a wide array of features all in a rugged, compact, portable ...

Mesure de la lumière - Spectroradiomètre 250 - 900 nm et 360 - 900 nm
Spectroradiomètre 250 - 900 nm et 360 - 900 nm

The ILT560 comes with a SMA905 receptor as standard, allowing it to be used with all of the ILT950 spectroradiometer accessories including the R4 Right angle adapter, mini and standard diffusers, ...

Mesure de la lumière - Hand-held light meter & optometer
Hand-held light meter & optometer

The ILT2400 is the most advanced hand-held light meter and optometer on the market today. ILT’s Accuspan software automatically sets the averaging while rapidly measuring over 8 decades of light ...

Mesure de la lumière - UV-CureRight Radiometer
UV-CureRight Radiometer

The ILT800 CureRight is a feature-rich profiling UV radiometer that delivers unmatched flexibility and capability.  The ILT800 Radiometer meets a broad range of applications across a variety of light ...

Mesure de la lumière - Datalogging optometer
Datalogging optometer

The ILT1000 is a broad and versatile UV, VIS and IR datalogging optometer with NIST-traceable ISO 17025 ccredited calibrations. System configurations are based on the industry standard ILT1700 ...

Mesure de la lumière - Research radiometer with Wifi
Research radiometer with Wifi

The ILT5000 Research Radiometer is “The ILT1700 for the 21st Century” improving on the industry standard with rapid measurements (up to 100 Hz), a broader dynamic range (100fA to 1mA), extensive ...

Mesure de la lumière - Research picoammeter with Wifi
Research picoammeter with Wifi

The ILT5000-P Picoammeter brings sensitive electrical current measurement capabilities into the 21st century with its broad dynamic range, multi-unit monitoring software and advanced auto-ranging ...

Mesure de la lumière - Light measurement detectors
Light measurement detectors

The extremely flexible light measuring system concept is based on a choice of suitable radiometer display devices and a wide range of different detectors. As a special feature the detector head ...


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