Helium recovery layout tool

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(50L, 200bar)

Helium recovery layout tool

Getting the dimension of your helium recovery right will help you maximize the recovery efficiency of your liquid helium recovery plant. This tool will give you a first idea about which recovery you should consider with your preconditions. Simply fill in the amount of liquid helium (LHe) in liters that you transfer during your highest transfer to get the maximum recovery system configuration you need. Also fill in the losses per transfer in liters. They typically range from 20 – 30% of the overall transferred liquid helium.

For a good estimate of your situation you also need to enter the time it takes to fill your cryostats with liquid helium (transfer time) and the amount of liquid helium you want to store as gas inside your recovery system. The indicated result will be the suggested number of helium gas tanks with 1000 liters volume, pressurized up to 5 bar. At a value above 5, we suggest using a high pressure recovery system (HPR), as the footprint of a corresponding medium pressure recovery system (MPR) would be much larger. If this is not desired, we suggest reconsidering the amount of stored liquid helium as gas.

If a helium gas loss is indicated as negative value, then it can be considered a true loss. A positive value means that the helium gas flow can be collected, if the number of gas tanks is equal to or higher than the number calculated.

For the high pressure recovery the values calculated are the gas bag size in cubic meters and the number of 50 liters gas bottles (pressurized with 200 bar).
All calculations are supposed to help get an idea of which recovery solution might be best for your requirements. Please contact us for further information and full configuration setup.