High-resolution computed tomography systems

µCT scanners from Scanco Medical
Scanco Medical is a Swiss company that specializes in the development of state-of-the-art micro-computed tomography systems. These X-ray microCT scanners are essential in a wide range of applications including material analysis, fibers, biomedical, dental research, geology and paleontology and are supplied with high-end computing equipment and sophisticated analysis and visualization software to provide the most comprehensive and industry-leading imaging solutions. Features
  • Peak Energy up to 100 KVp. Variable filter and X-ray power settings that greatly increase the range of materials that can be scanned are available
  • Resolution down to 0.5 µm
  • µCT Scanners are ideal for imaging very small structures with submicron resolution of biomedical and materials specimens
  • vivaCT scanners are equipped with the new integrated monitoring and gating system that allows flawless animal handling and high throughput
  • Optional sample changer accommodates between 6 and 12 sample holders, depending on scanner type and sample holder diameter

Further information

SCANCO Medical µCT systems excel at high-resolution, non-destructive 3D imaging of specimens and are used worldwide to study diverse materials ranging from bone and scaffolds to concrete and fibers or even (with additional cooling) snow and ice crystals. The choice of µCT system depends heavily on the following factors: the maximum size of samples to be scanned and the desired resolution. SCANCO Medical's state-of-the-art microCT systems are completely shielded and designed to meet the demands of your 3D imaging and analysis studies. These systems deliver best possible image quality with high signal-to-noise ratio and high resolution to support accurate, reproducible quantitative 3D analysis. Most µCT models can be fitted with a sample changer and a filter changer to increase scanner versatility. A cooling/heating stage to control the temperature down to 15°C below the ambient temperature or up to about 70° and a mechanical testing stage to test materials under compression and tension (up to 450 N) during the microCT scan are available as options to add functionalities to SCANCO Medical microCT scanners. Integrated and interchangeable animal monitoring unit are available on the vivaCT scanner series for in-vivo applications. SCANCO Medical systems are supplied with a software suite that offers a comprehensive solution for scanning, 3D analysis, visualization, image management and data import/export. The standard suite can be extended to include a sophisticated, proven finite element analysis program. High-resolution microCT imaging produces large amounts of data. To enable 3D analysis of such large data sets, SCANCO Medical microCT systems are supplied with powerful Itanium2-based, 64-bit HP Integrity servers running OpenVMS. This highly stable, multitasking platform allows measurement, reconstruction, analysis and archiving to be performed simultaneously. For more computing power, multiple computers can be clustered for automatic workload distribution and to provide multiple workplaces. Images can be exported in a range of standard formats for inclusion in presentations and documents, whereas entire data sets can exported as DICOM, JPEG or TIFF image sequences or as STLs for use with third-party analysis software. DICOM image sequences as well as raw data can be imported, allowing analysis of data from other imaging systems to be analyzed using our powerful 3D analysis tools.


Materials and biomaterials The internal structure of practically any material can be studied effectively using microCT imaging. Many industries take advantage of microCT's high resolution to inspect and verify production processes for products ranging from batteries to food. The distance transformation functions of SCANCO Medical's 3D analysis software are especially effective for quantifying accessible pore volume and permeability in foam-like materials.
Fibers The fibrous structures of wood and paper as well as man-made textiles are revealed in breathtaking detail using microCT imaging. The physical properties of these structures can be evaluated in great detail, and results of finite element analysis simulations can be compared directly with the results of physical experiments.
Dental research In dental research, microCT specimen scanners offer powerful new techniques for studying disease and treatment. SCANCO Medical supports this field by providing customized 3D evaluation procedures to analyse, for example, the effectiveness of root canal surgery and the effect on tooth enamel density of remineralization compounds. Bone growth around dental implants can also be visualized and measured effectively using microCT imaging.
Paleontology MicroCT's non-destructive nature makes it first choice for studying paleontological specimens. In paleontology, the researchers must often handle fragile, rare and valuable samples or small specimens, including both extinct fossils and extant comparative material or even fossils that cannot be separated from the surrounding material.
A digitalization of the object allows for a virtual dissection and to expose obscured elements for a more through analysis that can reveal new aspects of morphological and functional changes.
In-vivo 3D imaging In-vivo imaging requires excellent quantitative reproducibility and low X-ray dose. At SCANCO Medical both of these requirements are central in the design and development of cutting-edge in vivo microCT systems.
Fast scan times and an innovative design minimize the X-ray dose, allowing repeated scanning of individuals during a study. Field-of-view can be varied mechanically, increasing resolution for smaller scan sizes without affecting scan time. Real-time control of scanning in response to physiological events such as respiration is supported by an optional monitoring and gating unit.


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